Ashampoo® presents Ashampoo® AI Assistant, an attractively priced subscription model for ChatGPT 4

Ashampoo® presents Ashampoo® AI Assistant, an attractively priced subscription model for ChatGPT 4

Ashampoo® presents Ashampoo® AI Assistant, an attractively priced subscription model for ChatGPT 4

Ashampoo® today releases Ashampoo® AI Assistant for Windows, a new software including an attractive subscription model for working with the latest ChatGPT 4. Interested parties can now access OpenAI’s AI model for only €10 per month. The software is aimed at beginners who want to take their very first steps in the world of artificial intelligence as well as experts who work with it on a daily basis. Both will appreciate the opportunity to dispense with boring input screens and long prompts from now on. This is because AI Assistant offers a new and innovative user interface with a two-part input screen so all subscribers can work quickly and easily with Chat GPT 4.

The most important features of Ashampoo® AI Assistant

  • Subscription model for only €10 per month and therefore cheaper than the original price of Chat GPT 4
  • Ashampoo AI Assistant works up to 80% faster than ChatGPT 4
  • Log-in only required for AI Assistant. The AI does not recognise who is making a request
  • Quick and easy access to the latest version of Chat GPT 4
  • Easy to work with thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • AI-Generate complete texts according to your personal preferences
  • Apply spell checking
  • Modify the writing style
  • Translate entire documents or passages automatically into many languages
  • Create excerpts and summaries on the fly
  • Free interactions with Chat GPT 4
  • Optimize your documents in office software or other programs via shortcuts
  • Ashampoo® AI Assistant – Artificial intelligence at a very affordable price

For the past few months, almost no day has gone by without reports on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI for short). However, despite all the improvements that this new technology can deliver, getting access to it is anything but easy. One of the reasons for this is dreary input screens and the tedious formulation of queries. This is precisely where AI Assistant comes in, providing beginners with innovative, efficient and fast access to Chat GPT 4. The software offers several interfaces for different use cases so that the various queries can be completed quickly. Even advanced users and AI professionals will be pleased with the convenient input options. Macros can easily be created to automate repeated tasks. They can also be easily used in Office applications.

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For access to the current paid version of Chat GPT, Ashampoo® AI Assistant offers an affordable subscription model at €10 per month.

Ashampoo® AI Assistant – Text as you like it

Through the combination of Ashampoo® AI Assistant and Chat GPT, creating texts – whether articles, invitations or emails – is a piece of cake. In addition, the AI can not only be used to check spelling or change the writing style, but also to quickly translate the created content into one of the 20 world languages. Moreover, longer texts can be analyzed for a summary or with regard to the mood in a flash.

Macros can be easily created to automate repetitive work steps. Texts in Office programs or other applications can also be easily customized using shortcuts.

Ashampoo® AI Assistant – Anonymous use of Chat GPT 4

If you want to work without limitations, you can easily push the AI even further. Ashampoo® AI Assistant offers an interactive mode for this purpose. Here you can ask open questions, create new recipes or plan trips.

To use Ashampoo® AI assistant and thus access the AI, users must log in to the software. However, the actual queries to Chat GPT 4 are not tracked so the AI can be used almost anonymously.

Press release by: BOHMerang GmbH & Co. KG